Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Randy's Justice Tweets

A new feature here, Randy McCall's Weekly Justice Tweets (because they are so great):

Sept. 9: Twitter news feed items for the last week
- Cap on lawyer fees a burden for victims (Ohio, USA):

- Sex crime victims' courage to speak out may have led to severe sentence by lay judges (Japan):

- California violence shelters closing amid budget cuts (USA):

- DNA makes a mark in fight against theft (New Zealand)

- A move to register sex offenders globally (Time Online):

- Brown pledges terror victim support (UK):

- Sept. Crime Victim E-News (Adelaide, South Australia):

- Criminal convictions more than 10 years old will be wiped from people's records by new laws:

- Rape kits for use in incest cases distributed to regional hospitals (New Delhi, India):

- Yes, anyone can be an abuser or victim (USA):

- Internet service providers (ISPs) that do not stop child pornography on the Internet may be charged (UK):

- Pro-bono lawyers setting up shop in Centennial Square (BC, Canada):

- "Differentiate rape from adultery" says Afghan rights groups:

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