Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexandre Livernoche

Have we learned so little that we continue referring to victims as raving-ranting (and implied) idiots?

Murdered boy's dad rants about injustice

MONTREAL – The father of a boy sexually assaulted and murdered by a man on an extended pass from prison disrupted Superior Court Monday with an extended rant about injustice.

André Livernoche, whose son Alexandre, 13, was murdered in August, 2000, said there was no point in going through a trial to claim damages from the Quebec government.

"You are responsible," yelled Livernoche, jabbing a shaking finger at government lawyers. "You cause the death. It's your fault."

Livernoche had no lawyer with him but was accompanied by a woman who described herself as an investigator.

Justice Pepita Capriolo tried to calm the man, saying she had sympathy for the pain he felt.

Alexandre disappeared in Sorel, northeast of Montreal in August 2000, after a day of picking cucumbers. Mario Bastien, who was convicted of first-degree murder in 2001, enticed him with the promise of odd jobs.

Livernoche is demanding $2.5 million but refuses to present evidence or call witnesses.

Three weeks after the slaying, then-public security minister Serge Ménard said Bastien shouldn't have been let out.

She had to warn him several times not to approach the government lawyers.

Livernoche then stormed out of the courtroom.

The judge suspended the hearing and said she'd try to fix another date for the case. She said Livernoche should have a lawyer.

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