Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alain Brunet on Dawson College Anniversary

Aside from being a major communication and information searching tool, the Internet is often portrayed in the media as a deep dark space where the danger is lurking around like a giant spider spreading its net to elude, seduce and corrupt children and defraud and mislead adults. This reputation in part is well deserved. The censure of the Internet content and transactions even when existent is weak and slow to keep up with exponentially multiplying web pages.

The underbelly of the human expression found its way to the Internet where a lot of dark and heinous thoughts and acts are brewing ready to explode into the real world. Numerous assaulters declared their intentions on Internet before embarking on a shooting rampage. One such sombre personality found the way to expurgate his hatred and frustration on the infamous website and then opened a gunfire at the Dawson College on September 13, 2006 afternoon. Twenty innocent people were shot, one death reported; but the bullets didn’t just stop there - they have penetrated and shattered many people’s lives, hopes, dreams and sense of security.

Events like this tragedy always have far reaching effects, they create waves that spread psychological trauma affecting victims, witnesses, close ones of victims and people indirectly related to the tragedy.

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