Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sign The Petition

In early August Google / Blogger took down my blog, Who Killed Theresa? because of alleged malicious content. They didn't even give me a chance to search for the content (mostly likely in the form of inappropriate and unauthorized comments) and address the problems.

Six years of work attempting to solve the murder of my sister Theresa Allore down the toilet. Not to mention the amount of advocacy we had done on this blog for crime victims across North America.

If you have ever had to deal with Blogger / Google you will know that attempting contact is virtually impossible. If you run afoul with them then you fall into a black hole of silence. There is no one to speak to. My goal is to force this issue through the media to get Google / Blogger to change there ways. At the very least I want six years of content returned to me so I may host it on a better site. The thought of recreating all the information from the start is a traumatic prospect, not one I wish to repeat at this point in my life.


  1. So this is completely gone? They don't even give you a way to save the work or is it retrievable somehow??? I'm sorry to hear this and I know what you mean about finding a contact...impossible!

  2. Wiped out. I head heard the horror stories, so I get it. When you sign with them they have the right to do whatever they want with your content. Ok, I respect that. But I thought I should have been given some time to work it out ( I was using a sub-product to link to other blogs and apparently had a comment that linked to an ancestry website that was dolling out spam: easy fixes, I could have taken care of both).

    Look, it's not like this is a big blog (rather a select and dedicated following), but there was information there about cold cases that you couldn't find anywhere. I had loaded information from news archives that you can't find by doing Google searches. It could have lead to solving some crimes.

  3. John, I am sorry to hear that Google/Blogger wiped out your blog. I will definitely sign your petition. Back in 1998 through to 2002 I was using my Microsoft Hotmail email account extensively and keeping most all of my emails on the investigation and disappearances in Vancouver stored, with no way of backing up and of course never thought that something would happen to my account. Well it did and Microsoft had a major server failure which deleted all my emails and email addresses. That really messed things up for me and all they said was they were sorry, that they had no backups. I don't do that anymore and use a number of different ways to save all data.

  4. John, I just checked and they have some stuff from '04 - '06.

  5. John, I just added some links for this site for Theresa into the blog, Facebook and will also on the Missing website. I was looking at Kim's book on Amazon and am going to order it. Thanks.