Sunday, August 30, 2009

Theresa Allore Memorial Fund

Theresa Allore Memorial Fund 


The family of Theresa Allore and Champlain Regional College are pleased to announce the 

launching of the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund.   


Theresa Allore was a promising student at the Champlain Lennoxville Campus in Quebec’s Eastern 

Townships. At the time of her death, she was studying the behavioral sciences, and had expressed an 

interest in the field of criminology. Theresa loved adventure, which lead to her interest in cycling, 

skydiving, and hiking.  She loved being outdoors, and particularly enjoyed hiking the local trails of 

Mount Orford.  Her special qualities included being a good friend, who did not judge others, but 

rather chose to draw encouragement and inspiration from everyone and everything she encountered. 


Based on these qualities inspired by Theresa, the hope is to establish a scholarship that will take into 

consideration the student as a “total person”, including academic achievement, active participation in 

campus life, desire to serve others, and financial need.  Beyond these qualities, benefactors will have 

the opportunity to contribute to the development of specific criteria that will open this scholarship to 

a wide spectrum of students, providing support to both traditional and non-traditional applicants. 


While we have struggled for many years with the tragic loss of a young life filled with a spirit of 

adventure, it has come the time to celebrate her life so that Theresa may inspire others.  There is no 

doubt in the hearts of those who had the privilege to share in her all too short life that this is exactly 

how Theresa would want to be remembered. 


We are presently seeking benefactors that wish to contribute to an endowment scholarship in her 

memory.  With your help, we hope to be able to offer the first scholarship for the 2008-2009 

academic year.  We ask that you consider donating to the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund, so that we 

can continue to celebrate her life by encouraging a worthy student. 


Thank you for your consideration of this important tribute. 


John Allore J. Kenneth Robertson 

Brother of Theresa Director General 


Contributions can be made to: 


Benefactors from the United States:

Triangle Community Foundation 

Theresa Allore Memorial Fund  

c/o Fred Stang, Director of Development

324 Blackwell Street, Suite 1220 

Durham, NC, 27701 

 Benefactors from Canada: 

Foundation Champlain-Lennoxville Inc. 

Theresa Allore Memorial Fund 

  c/o Marielle Denis, Treasurer 

 P.O. 5003 (Champlain Lennoxville Campus)  

 Sherbrooke, Québec, J1M 2A1 

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