Monday, August 31, 2009

Elias Sorokin and the California Wildfires

In an effort to build some traffic to my new blog (which was forced upon me by Google's blunt efforts) I would like to draw attention to recent news events; one not so well known, the other "viral":

The disappearance of Elias Sorokin:

Elias disappeared on July 20th near Santa Cruz, CA. His body has not been found though he  is believed to be deceased. Last week Adam Hunt and Stewart Skuba pleaded not guilty to his alleged murder.  Elias was best friends with my neighbor here in North Carolina.

The recent California Wildfires:

The fires are raging in the area where Elias Sorokin was last seen / believed to have been disposed. It is suspected that the fires were intentionally started to destroy forensic evidence.

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