Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Wendy Wasserstein has died

I will tell my only Wendy Wasserstein story of how I ended up in The Heidi Chronicles. My friend Andy Buckley (sorry Andy) was cast as Scoop in a production at a theater in Santa Monica. But Andy then got a guest lead on a tv show called Pacific Blue (sort of a Bay Watch rip-off) and had to leave the show for a week of shooting. Andy told the producers of The Heidi Chronicles not to worry, he had a friend who had done Scoop before (me). I had NEVER done Scoop, hadn't even read the play.

I got one rehearsal... with the stage manager, no actors. Scoop is very verbose, very smooth, keeps rambling off these political truths about the 60s and 70s (a lot of tricky names and nomenclature, a whole lot of hot air about Eugene McCarthy).

Needless to say, I performed "on book" that weekend.

Andy was great in Pacific Blue.


Brigitte Serre

Pierre B is such an inspiration. What The Gazette neglects to mention is that just last month the Boisvenu's lost their second daughter, Isabelle; and yet here Pierre is out fighting the fight:

Among the mourners was Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, the Sherbrooke man whose daughter, Julie, was murdered three years ago. Boisvenu, who runs a victims' rights group, called on the provincial government to improve rehabilitation programs in youth detention centres and prisons.

"What are we doing with these kids when they are in prison?" he asked.



Little things that fester

Last week I talked with the investigator (Benoit) assigned to Theresa's case. In a nutshell he said, yes he's received recent leads I've sent him, but he hasn't had the time to follow up.

Some of this information I gave him over two months ago. Much of what I receive are tips from readers of this blog, our people who have read or seen reports on Theresa's murder and give me names of possible suspects.

Now I understand this matter is not a priority, and the police have many, MANY more current issues to attend to, but to let the momentum atrophy after all the awareness that has been created is just offensive.

Last night I did something I'm not proud of, but I felt I was left no choice. I sent a flame email to Benoit criticizing the SQ (again) for their lack of follow-up. I "copied" about a dozen reporters, etc... on the email (childish, I know).

I'm in a corner, I know. The truth is no journalist is going to write about this and give it the attention that will get the police moving again. The story has been told, there are no new developments, just little leads, and the media have juicier things to write about like"Where's Karla" and "Did the Pig Farmer have Special Feed".

So that's what's bothering me.



"We were just talking!"

Courtesy of my brother, who has the better memory... When Theresa was about 18 and living at home... She had a job working at McDonald's. At that time she was dating Terry Demonte (a local boy who is now a big time Montreal talk-radio guy.) Anyway, Theresa stayed out past her curfew. When she got home my parents read her the riot act. Andre says, "Can't you remember?... she kept saying "But we were just talking, we were just talking!""

I don't remember.


Sexual predators and the strange case of Montreal Police Constable Benoît Guay

What I find fascinating is his consistency; he attacked Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
Guay was most certainly destined for more violent assaults.



Robert Pickton finally comes to trail

For a run down of what to expect come Monday see the National Post.


The Cowboy Way 

Is Brokeback Mountain a date movie? Beats me, but that's what we went to see last night. This movie is controversial in the way that Last Tango in Paris raised such a fuss in the 70s; while everyone who didn't see it was focusing on the butter, they failed to catch Brando's last great performance of a long, great career.

Last Tango in Paris

Heath Ledger gives his first great performance; and I hope his career has longevity. It was fun to come home and catch him on the tv in that Mel Gibson Revolutionary war movie - I hardly recognized him.

So... gay cowboys... Yes, I found it heartbreaking. My wife didn't get it. She wanted to know more about how they became gay (hey, with a name like Jack Twist I'd say he was destined for queerdom).

Jack Twist

About Brando and date movies. I remember my parents going out to see Tango in the theaters when I was a kid. I was a bit confused because I thought the movie was called The Last Tank in Paris and I couldn't see my mom agreeing to see a World War II yarn.

My mistake.

Back to Brokeback. I would love to see the screen tests for the fellers' who tried out for this. Who would make the worst pairing? My vote? Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson.

Here come cowboys.



Who is The Great One?

Super Mario and The Great One

My family and some friends have been corresponding about the retirement of Mario Lemieux and his place in hockey history. A lot of the oldtimers still put their faith in the likes of Howe, Hull and Orr. This debate prompted the following response from my father, and I thought I'd share it with you:

I was a goalie with the McGill Redmen in the 50's. We practiced at the Forum just before the Habs practice. After our practice I would sit in the front row for half an hour and watch the Rocket, Beliveau, Plante, Harvey, Boom Boom, the Pocket, Moore, etc. Damn near failed that year.

The Rocket was exciting, explosive, tough, a powerful stride, excellent skater, and really strong in body, with a devastating back-hand shot - it would go right through the boards or the goalie. His brother Henri could hang onto the puck for several minutes at a time. They had to gang-up on him in practice to get the puck away from him. 


The Rocket

I played in an exhibition game in the eastern townships where the Rocket was referee. I spoke with him - a wonderful man. When not playing he was quite shy.


Dickie Moore

I also knew Dickie Moore quite well (from the construction business). He told me that in later years the Hab old timer's had to make a referee out of the Rocket since he was battering too many of the old- timers, including his own team-mates. He only knew one way to play...............hard.

I was also at the Forum the night of the Richard riot.......but that's another story. 

Maurice Richard riot

(for CBC audio of the riot, go here)



Gee, didn't see this one coming.



Wake Schools Fraud Investigation

In a bid to withdraw his guilty plea, the former transportation director of the Wake County Public School System's transportation department, Vern Hatley testified that he accepted items from the Barnes Motor & Parts company because he thought Barnes was happy to have the school system's business.

Assuming Hatley's extreme naivete is credible, didn't the former director question whether accepting over $22,772 worth of goodies - including new carpeting, a television and a laptop computer - was ethical?


Anyone fearing a Harper minority government need only look at The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' concise analysis of why a minority government is good for Canada.

UPDATE: No Joke: the link is now working.



"a kick in the stomach" 

On May 18th, 1992 Roger Keith Coleman became the poster-child for death-penalty opponents (literally) when he appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

The death penalty has gotten a lot of air space of late - Stanley Tookie Williams went out last month, Kenneth Boyd of North Carolina became the 1,000th person executed since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, and last week some geezer from California was executed even though defense lawyers argued that killing the old fart constituted "cruel and unusual punishment".

I'm not sure where I stand on this issue. I've never understood how you can be both pro-death and pro-life, but I can't get on the Innocence band wagon either (it's not a club where I want to be a member).

I do agree with Mark Kleinschmidt's even-tempered assessment of the situation:

Because the issue involves extreme emotions on all sides, and because of the horrors surrounding every murder, in order to gain a full understanding of all the issues about how the death penalty is meted out it is necessary to engage in a very challenging critical analysis regardless of which position a person ultimately settles on.

In this light, Newsweek's recent decision to publish I Want Constantine's Murderer to Die in My Turn does nothing to forward critical analysis and only polarizes an already tribal climate (theWitchy-poo photo of author Olga Polites didn't help either).

Back to Roger Coleman. In case you missed it, Coleman was found conclusively guilty (posthumously) after a DNA test ordered by Virginia Governor Mark Warner proved Coleman murdered Wanda McCoy. Butbefore we get all "atta-boy" on Mark Warner , I like The Economist's observation that Warner's actions were a kiss-up tactic to appease liberal supporters (Warner is a Democrat, but has overseen 11 executions as governor).



Thames Whale


I am so happy that Kelly Anne Drummond's friend, Rachel Ayerst, has started a blog

What I love are the pictures. Every photo is like a million little pieces of information about a love lost.

How much do I love this photo

Visit Rachel's blog at remembering a friend...


This stuff always gets me thinking

Who was Marcel Peloquin? What was the rape and homicide he committed in 1962? Was he ever eligable for parole?

LE 20 JANVIER 2006 - 14:08 ET

SCC : Décès d'un détenu du Centre fédéral de formation

LAVAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - 20 jan. 2006) - Le 20 janvier 2006, Marcel PELOQUIN, un détenu du Centre fédéral de formation, pénitencier fédéral à sécurité minimale, est décédé de cause naturelle à l'hôpital de l'établissement Archambault, à Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.Agé de 65 ans, Marcel PELOQUIN purgeait depuis le 25 janvier 1962 une sentence vie pour homicide involontaire, viol et vol qualifié.Il y aura une enquête du coroner et du Service correctionnel du Canada pour déterminer les circonstances entourant ce décès.




I'm up to 25, I'm only looking for 5 more people to take the survey!


One way to pay for your legal bills


Friandises racistes?

Dites Moi



Who Killed Theresa survey

Hey, I've got 19 results from the survey, but I'm really looking for 30 responses.

So do the survey and I'll post the results at 30.


Do you know The Magic Castle? 

The Magic Castle is a "members only" magicians club in Hollywood, CA. Access is by invitation only. I feel so fortunate that when we lived in LA my wife and I got an invite.

It's soooo cool! There are about 3 magic acts going on at any given time. If you go to the cellar, there's a guy doing slight-of-hand. There's scary things around every creepy turn (beware the bathrooms!!!!).



End of the line for Michael Peterson?

I used to see Michael Peterson around Durham city hall when I worked in the accounting department. One time, after he was out on bail, I went into Budget and literally walked right into him in the lobby.

I just about jumped out of my skin.


Head Guardian Angel says:

"... if we wanted to grandstand we could have stayed in New York." 

Mr. Sliwa:

"I love it when they call me big pa-pa"

Grandstanding is the zeitgeist of your life, please go back to New York.


So I think I said that in 1987 I sold all my stuff to raise money to go toacting school in New York. This included all my college books, my drum set, and over 1,000 records (including my sister's).

My biggest regret was selling the records. But when I visited Saint John this Christmas I found something in my parents LP collection. It was Theresa's copy of Blood on the Tracks.

I just went out and bought one of those record frames from the local hobby store. I'm going to hang it in my office.




New Horizons spacecraft set to launch tomorrow on nine-year mission to Pluto

Depending on who you talk to this is either an extraordinary opportunity, "for science, for exploration, for all mankind "


the world's most expensive ticking time-bomb... "24 pounds of plutonium perched atop 2.5-million pounds of thrust with a 1 in 350 chance of blowing up."

Enjoy the launch!

UPDATE: Actually, there's a really interesting article in this month's Economist on the mission to Pluto and the Kuiper belt.



James Frey and the lies we choose to believe

There is more soul searching at the New York Times over James Frey's A Million Little Pieces and how much of his claimed drug-addled life was made up.

The question seems to be whether it is ok to embellish truth as long as you're a good writer.

I read the first page of Frey's book then stopped (I did the same thing with Lovely Bones). It wasn't that I didn't like it, or that the writing was bad - I wouldn't know, I didn't finish the books - it was just that these were journeys I didn't wish to go on with the writers.

As to the embellishment, well this is something that does trouble me, and I believe there is no reason to make stuff up when the truth is always so much more compelling.

In August of 2002 when the National Post published the Patricia Pearson articles I recall much debate with Post editors over the tag line to the articles which went like this:

"Pearson uncovers the story of Theresa's death, which was almost certainly a murder by a serial killer who may still be at large." 

Editors discussed this caption with me; however they were not concerned with the statement's veracity, but rather whether I found it upsetting. I told them to go for it; while not entirely true, I knew it would sell papers. But on the question of a serial killer, I have always been adamant that such a theory is one possibility, but equally possible (and more frightening to me) is that three different murderers killed three girls in the Eastern Townships and got away with it. Somehow this caveat never makes it in the media (check W-Five, the French and English papers... you'll never see it, though I have made that statement on every occasion I have had press time.)

It's no mystery what's going on here. The lesson is as old as yellow journalism and had to be re-taught to me by Debbie Mahaffy who commented to me once at a conference with an expression tired from ten years of fighting with these people:

"If it bleeds it leads"

Now, like James Frey, I wrote a memoir. This was in the winter of 2003. I sat down and chronicled everything I had learned from my families experience in 78-79 and my own experience the year prior. This was more to preserve what had happened; I didn't want anyone in my family to ever forget it.

But soon I was having meetings with publishers in Canada and the U.S.. They loved the whole concept; the pain, the suffering, the haunting, bla-bla-bla... There was just one problem in their opinion (and this was the case with all of them): The book didn't have an ending.

Come back when the serial killer is captured, then we'll talk.

I'm not kidding. You can't make this stuff up. And what I tried to tell these publishing geniuses was that the truth is more interesting; some crimes aren't solved, some pain never goes away, and some murders most certainly are random acts that don't comply with our desire for a patterned, ordered and causal environment. 

So am I surprised by the controversy over James Frey? No, people love to debate these sort of things. Am I surprised that his memoir isn't entirely forthright? No, I believe there are enormous pressures to do something like that. (it was great watching Gay Talese on Larry King basically contradict every word his publishing wife had to say) Do I think I know who put him up to it? Sure, directly or indirectly, the publishing industry.

And I'm disappointed. Because the truth is so fascinating and unpredictable, why not tell a story based on facts; that's always more enjoyable.

You can't make this stuff up.


"I've never killed anybody with a hammer, but I do love fried chicken."

So I'm a little fascinated by today's News and Observer article on death row inmates and their last meals.

Check this out:

"Texas murderer Stanley Baker in May 2002 ordered two 16-ounce rib-eyes; 12 strips of bacon; two large hamburgers with mayo, onion and lettuce; two large baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, cheese, and chives; four slices of cheese or one-half pound of grated cheddar cheese; a chef salad with blue cheese dressing; two ears of corn; one pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and four vanilla Cokes or Mr. Pibb."

Baker commented,

"I'm looking forward to the last meal... but not the part that comes after."

Did Baker mean for him, or the poor fool who had to clean up that mess?

For more last meals check out deadmaneating



Some photos I found on the web

This is King's Hall when it was a girls school in 1972. It would have looked very similar to this in 1978 when my sister lived there.

Interior of the Lion d'Or pub in Lennoxville. Theresa would have spent some time here, perhaps the last night of her life here.

This is the train station in Sherbrooke. Theresa traveled to and from St. John N.B. from here for her last Thanksgiving in October, 1978.

Route 147 from Lennoxville to Compton. Creepy.



Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

The douche bag of-the-month award goes to...

James Frey!

A Million Little Pieces... of crap!

Bubba, the truth is always more compelling than the stuff you make up.


Why I care so much about Louise Chaput

Well, Theresa was a hiker. She hiked in New Hampshire and Mt. Orford. My mother just gave me her hiking boots (in pristine condition). One day I hope to give them to her niece, Theresa Grace.


Medicine Show

As if Toronto didn't have trouble enough...

First the sideshow from Boston, now these washed-up media clowns.


New Orleans out-of-bounds this Mardi Gras season you say?

Try Quebec's Winter Carnivale.

Where else can you find such funfilled events as...

Hydro-Québec’s Day,

The Early 20th Century Re-enactment, 

and The Robitussin Canoe Race!

Oh, Bonhomme... you big drunken snowman you.



Two Down

Angelo Colalillo committs suicide, and I'm all broke up about it:

Angelo Colalillo s'est bel et bien suicidé

Mise à jour le jeudi 12 janvier 2006, 15 h 11 .

L'assassin présumé Angelo Colalillo s'est oté la vie, selon l'autopsie pratiquée sur son cadavre.

Sa mort a été causée par une surdose de médicaments.

Angelo Colalillo, 41 ans, est décédé tôt mardi matin dans sa chambre de l'unité des soins intensifs de l'hôpital Santa Cabrini.

Le prédateur sexuel avait été hospitalisé samedi, après avoir sombré dans un coma profond. Son corps ne portait alors aucune marque de violence, et le présumé meurtrier n'aurait été en présence d'aucun autre détenu dans la cellule de l'établissement carcéral Rivière-des-Prairies, où il avait été emprisonné en attendant sa comparution.

La mort de Colalillo a mis une fin abrupte au procès qui devait s'ouvrir lundi, le 9 janvier, au palais de justice de Montréal.M. Colalillo devait subir un procès pour trois meurtres prémédités, perpétrés entre 1993 et 2002 dans la région de Montréal.


Graduate School

So I just had my first Research Methods class and it was great. I've never had a class in a computer lab before (where you can write your notes right on the PowerPoint slides? Brilliant!). The teacher is great; Dr. O'sullivan, the dean of the Public Administration program.

So you know, Survey Monkey was just a research tool from this class. It's really cool, I can now load the data into Excel or SPSS. I may turn the blog into an exclusive survey sight. ;-)



Pierre's words at the funeral of his daughter Isabelle
(you may not speak french, but read slowly and you will understand his sentiments)


Ma famille désire adresser à tout le Québec ses plus sincères remerciements pour les centaines de témoignages de sympathies que nous avons reçus depuis la mort d’Isabelle et de Jean-Michel ainsi que pour les nombreux dons qui ont été faits à l’Association des familles de personnes assassinées ou disparues. Nous remercions les amis d’Isabelle pour leur implication dans l’organisation de la présente cérémonie, dans cet adieu que nous lui adresserons ce matin. Je remercie aussi mon ami très cher Michel Ricard du Confort Inn Québec qui a hébergé nos familles pour les circonstances.

Un gros merci mon ami Mohamed Elmir du Délices des Nations qui a préparé le dîner auquel Isabelle vous convit toutes et tous après cette cérémonie. Merci à Envolée de Colombes qui libérera 26 colombes blanches à la sortie de la Cathédrale. Enfin, merci à Alain Choquette, le fameux magicien, qui est en spectacle week-end à Sherbrooke. Un de ses numéros permettra d’amasser de l’argent parmi les spectateurs. Il sera remis exceptionnellement à l’AFPAD.

Il y a 42 mois, ma famille vous accueillait dans cette Cathédrale pour dire adieu à notre fille Julie qui aurait eu 31 hier. Je ne croyais jamais que nous puissions, au cours de cette vie, nous retrouver au même endroit pour pleurer la mort d’un second enfant, celle de notre fille cadette Isabelle.

Ma première pensée va à ma conjointe Diane. En trois ans, elle a perdu les trois femmes les plus importantes de sa vie : sa mère et ses deux filles. Je lui voue tout mon amour et toute mon admiration de ne pas avoir seulement survécue à ces épreuves, mais d’avoir été un phare pour toute la famille et nos amis.

Ma deuxième pensée va à la famille Beauchesne qui a perdu leur fils Jean-Michel dans l’accident qui a emporté Isabelle. Nous commencions à peine à connaître l’amoureux de notre fille, Jean-Michel. Il était un jeune homme magnifique, un compagnon attentionné pour Isabelle et nous savons comment il va vous manquer à vous Lyne et Stéphane. Il était sensible, dévoué, un brin obstineux. Il commençait à bien d’adapter à la famille Boisvenu, quoi.

Lyne, Stéphane, Valérie et Jean-François, j’admire votre sérénité devant sa mort de Jean-Michel et je sais qu’il sera toujours vivant dans votre cœur. En donnant ses organes à sa mort, Jean-Michel a transmis la vie à plusieurs personnes. Cette générosité vous ressemble tant.

Isabelle est morte trop jeune et trop vite. Tout comme Julie, elle aura vécu et réussi pleinement sa courte existence. Elle a accompli son rêve le plus cher : devenir une comptable agrée. Comment elle en était fière. Cette fierté, elle l’a même partagé avec tout son entourage : sa famille, ses amis et son employeur Raymond, Chabot, Grant, Thorton. Ses amies nous l’ont dit : elle était un modèle à suivre.

Elle appréciait chaque seconde de sa vie. Chaque jour était pour elle une occasion de fêter, une occasion de dire au monde qu’elle était vivante. Elle ne fêtait pas pour oublier, elle fêtait pour rassembler. Elle fêtait pour souligner la réussite d’une amie, pour combler le chagrin d’une autre ou pour remercier ses amis d’avoir participer à son lave-auto au profit du CALACS de l’Estrie. Le CALACS dans lequel elle s’était identifiée comme porte-parole depuis la mort de sa soeur. Elle avait transformé sa peine en une grande réalisation. C’était LE lave-auto à Isabelle Boisvenu avant tout.

Isabelle, c’était une dynamo qui créait de l’énergie pour en donner aux autres. Elle vivait pour les autres, elle s’occupait des autres. Elle faisait tout avec passion tant dans sa vie professionnelle que dans ses relations avec le monde. Elle était une leader dans ce monde. Aujourd’hui, je vous avoue être un peu jaloux de Julie d’avoir sa sœur Isabelle à ses cotés. Mais de savoir qu’elles sont ensembles maintenant, nous réconforte. Vous nous manquez énormément nos filles.

Isabelle trouvait la vie très belle et elle était belle comme la vie. Naturelle, spontanée, simple, aimante, rieuse, généreuse et surtout elle était vraie. Elle était une battante qui avait fait sienne la cause de l’Association des Familles de Personnes Assassinées ou Disparues que nous avons fondée il y a un an. Elle s’était investie toute entière avec moi dans la mission d’accompagner ces familles et de faire reconnaître leurs droits par notre système de justice. D’ailleurs, le Prix Justice 2005, que j’ai reçu récemment du gouvernement du Québec pour mon engagement dans cette cause, lui revient autant qu’à moi.

Elle était notre force et une grande collaboratrice. Elle sera à nous toutes et tous notre rayon de soleil pour continuer notre action. Elle l’était aussi pour beaucoup de ces mères de familles de l’association qui ont perdu un enfant. Elle savait partager avec elles son énergie et son espoir qu’un jour…les choses changeraient.

Isabelle croyait en elle. Elle croyait en nous. Isabelle avait une belle foi. Une foi dans la justice.

Elle l’exprimait haut et fort, avec cœur et dans l’action.

Une mère de famille dont l’enfant de trois ans est décédé en 2002, m’envoyait ces mots mercredi dernier, lesquels mots sont de sa fille qui avait été réanimée avant de mourir : « Quand on est mort, notre corps c'est comme une chaussure dans le garde-robe...on n'en a plus besoin. On est en vie pour apprendre à aimer maman...quand on a appris à aimer, on quitte notre corps et on va aider les autres à aimer. C'est pour ça qu'on est en vie, maman, pour apprendre à aimer… »

Nous vivons ainsi notre expérience du départ précipité d’Isabelle et Jean-Michel, dans l’amour avec vous et avec le souvenir d’une fille et d’un gars heureux et exceptionnels. Je crois que Dieu a imaginé, dans sa grande sagesse, qu'un ange gardien n'était pas suffisant pour la famille…ça nous en prenait trois pour prendre soin de la peine de nos deux familles et poursuivre le travail de défense des droits des familles de personnes d’assassinées ou disparues et. Quelle complicité auront ces trois là ensemble !

J’ai la foi qu'on est sur terre pour les autres...pour les aimer quoi qu'il nous arrive...et que les épreuves font partie de nous pour que nous soyons des témoins dans ce monde…Nous avons deux choix face à de tels drames : abandonner ou grandir. Mais, on ne grandit pas dans les banalités de nos vies et mes filles ont juste rendu nos vies moins banales. Nous essayons tout simplement de découvrir à travers ces épreuves qui nous sommes et ce que nous sommes venus faire sur cette terre.

La vie nous a enlevé beaucoup vous savez, ce que nous avions de plus précieux, mais elle ne nous a pas enlevé notre foi dans la vie.

Adieu ma cocotte, adieu ma chouette, adieu ma grande…des mots qui ne seront plus jamais dans ma bouche pour toi, mais toi…Isabelle…tu seras toujours présente dans mon cœur, dans nos cœurs. Elle veut sûrement qu’on garde d’elle un très beau souvenir. La famille et ses amis vous invitent donc après la cérémonie à une fête organiser pour elle au sous-sol de la Cathédrale.

Au revoir Isabelle Boisvenu et merci d’être passée dans nos vies, ne fût-ce le temps d’une rose.



Isabelle Boisvenu

I spoke with Pierre Hugues and Diane this afternoon. Not to diminish any of their suffering, but these are two of the strongest people I have encountered. They are very firm in the believe that Isabelle is working along side them now. AFPAD has collected over $15,000 in honor of Isabelle, and Pierre has requested a meeting with Quebec's Justice Minister.



Click her and take the Who Killed Theresa survey!



Damn you, Irwin Allen!

Earthquake rocks southern Quebec


I'm back at school effective this evening.

Recap: I'm working on a graduate degree in Justice Administration at North Carolina State University. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and hope to be finished by the Fall of 2008.

I'm working on my required courses now, so nothing glitzy and fun yet. This term is the dryest of the dry:

Research Methods and Analysis (in which they take statistics and manage to make it even more boring)

Ethics & Professional Practice (a half-term course, I don't know about you but I'm a little Sarbanes Oxleyed out.)

- Oral Presentations (another halfer...)



Good Christ, this is disturbing on so many levels

Homicide police probe Edmonton hotel 
CBC News

Police in Edmonton have teamed with forensics experts as they search for clues in a possible murder at a motel known as a sex-trade hangout.

Investigators began combing the Trailway Motel about three weeks ago in what began as a stolen-property case.

In recent days, they started looking for hidden crawl spaces, or any evidence that something is buried under the motel.

They decided to widen the investigation when they removed items from the basement and noticed the floor was covered with wood in some areas, and gravel or cement in others.
A team of geologists from the University of Alberta has been using electrical impulses to probe five metres into the ground.

"We're essentially trying to map areas that might be disturbed," said Duane Froese, one of the experts.

Police representative Jeff Wuite said officers are trying to examine a gravel and dirt floor in the basement without disturbing whatever they might find. He also said that the experts are using special equipment to look below the motel's parking lot for secret passages or rooms.

People staying at the hotel said on Friday that investigators have been digging in the basement for three days, sifting soil and debris into a wheelbarrow.

Police have also called in a forensic anthropologist. Owen Beatty, an expert in studying human remains, was part of an Arctic mission that exhumed the bodies of three members of the 1845 Franklin expedition.



OK, Someone's sounding like grandpa but...

So I've made my play with Green Day and let it lie. But American Idiotis soooooo fine, give it a listen. This thing plays so beautifully, you need to hear it through.

Now... to the real reason of my sermon... The White Stripes:

Good God, Jack White sounds like Robert Plant and PLAYS like Jimmy Page, what's up with that?

You don't believe me? Have a listen to Ball and Biscuit and Instinct Blues (apologies to the Yardbirds).

Now top it all off... Listen to Jack channel Sweet's Brian Connolly onGirl, You Have No Faith In Medicine.

Sweet's Brian Connolly



800 people attend Isabelle Boisvenu's funeral

Diane, Pierre et Christian

Mort tragique
800 personnes aux funérailles d'Isabelle Boisvenu

Environ 800 personnes étaient présentes, samedi, à la cathédrale Saint-Michel pour rendre un dernier hommage à Isabelle Boisvenu, décédée le 22 décembre dernier dans un accident de la route, trois ans et demi après l'assassinat de sa soeur Julie. Lors de la cérémonie, les proches d'Isabelle ont rappelé le caractère festif et rassembleur de la défunte et surtout sa grande implication auprès de l'Association des familles de personnes assassinées ou disparues fondée par son père.

Malgré l'émotion, le père endeuillé, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, a remercié les gens pour leur soutien. « C'est la collectivité qui nous aide à nous rebâtir », a-t-il dit. Isabelle Boisvenu est décédée dans un accident de la route. Elle a perdu la maîtrise de sa voiture avant de heurter un véhicule qui venait en sens inverse, dans la réserve faunique de La Vérendrye, en Outaouais.

Elle allait rejoindre sa mère et son grand-père en Abitibi.La jeune femme de 26 ans était très active au sein de l'Association des familles de personnes assassinées ou disparues (AFPAD), fondée par son père, Pierre-Hugues, à la suite du meurtre de Julie Boisvenu.

Le décès de la jeune femme a provoqué une onde de choc à Sherbrooke, où la famille est bien connue. La tragédie qu'elle a vécue après la mort de Julie a propulsé la famille au coeur de l'actualité.


Move to Canada and these are the kind of headlines you can look forward to for a lifetime:

Man to serve two months for 'heinous' snowmobile attack on moose


Twelfth Night

Once Christmas is boxed away and sealed in the attic there's only one thing to do to keep that warm winter feeling:

Listen to Felix Leclerc


Today is Isabelle Boisvenu's funeral.

Isabelle's parents, Pierre and Diane, have asked that those who attend at the cathedral in Sherbrooke wear a white lily on their lapel. In lieu of flowers they have asked that a contribution be made to AFPAD - the organization Pierre founded for the families of missing and murdered loved ones.

I sent the Boisvenus some words of sympathy and encouragement, and a $100 contribution to AFPAD - not only out of support, but because I believe that AFPAD is the only Canadian organization currently making significant political progress in the fight for victims rights.

You may do the same by sending a contribution to:

Case Postale 333
Sherbrooke Quebec
J1H 5J1

You may write the Boisvenus at:



In Quebec Grand Frere is watching you

So don't let the bill 101 language police catch you ordering "Une heut-deug"

"You have a translation that says 'Safe for children'. And in French they will have 'coffre fort pour enfant.' Well coffre fort means the safe — where you put your jewels,"



You'll Never Find...

Pre-Rap Daddy Lou Rawls dead at 72.


The funeral for Isabelle Boisvenu will be held tomorrow in Sherbrooke, Quebec.



Lose a loved one and sometimes your memory plays like this:

"Thought I ran into you down on the street
Then it turned out to only be a dream
I made a point to burn all of the photographs
She went away and then I took a different path
I remember the face but I can't recall the name
Now I wonder how whatsername has been

Seems that she disappeared without a trace
Did she ever marry old what's his face?
I made a point to burn all of the photographs
She went away and then I took a different path
I remember the face but I can't recall the name
Now I wonder how whatsername has been

Remember, whatever
It seems like forever ago
Remember, whatever
It seems like forever ago
The regrets are useless
In my mind
She's in my head
I must confess
The regrets are useless
In my mind
She's in my head
From so long ago

(Go, Go, Go, Go..)

And in the darkest night
If my memory serves me right
I'll never turn back time
Forgetting you, but not the time.


Hail Saint Jimmy!

No, not this Jimmy...

THIS Jimmy.

hail, hail rock-n-roll.



En effet, l'histoire n'est que le tableau des crimes et des malheurs.




That's a bold statement

"Hopefully, Drew Planten would have provided answers as to why serial killers kill."

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Susan Spurlin

Apparently prosecutors had their minds made up that Drew Planten had murdered Rebecca Huismann in addition to Stephanie Bennett.


New Year

Balance. Focus. Discipline.



Randy White reports that Drew Planten - the man accused of raping and strangling Stephanie Bennett in 2002 - has hung himself in North Carolina central prison.

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